1 Hour Thermo Wrap Session


PrePay online & Call to Schedule at your convenience...The Infrared rays heat you from the inside out, raising your core body temperature and heart rate, helping you shed toxins and pounds!! For this appointment, you will undress and be provided a sweat suit. Be prepared to sweat!  Please take into account that not everyone sweats the same. Your ability to sweat can be altered by your hydration level, and starting body temperature.

  • Arrival

    If this is your first time to visit SpaBeca, arrive at least 15 Minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will allow you to unwind in our lounge, fill out a client information form, consult with your therapist, and receive the FULL LENGTH  of your service(s) scheduled. Your appointment is to begin at the time scheduled; this is not your arrival time to SpaBeca. if you are late, you may not recieve the full length of your services. Please be considerate of all others who have appointments following you by being on time for your scheduled appointment. 

  • Cancellation

    SpaBeca has a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy for single services scheduled. A MINIMUM 72 hour notice is required for PACKAGES, MULTIPLE SERVICES, GROUPS  of 2 or more. You can read more on our Location & Policy page.