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Always consult with your doctor for medical advice.  
*** Description of specific massage modalities does not imply all Therapists are certified in all forms. *** 

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Conveniently located in the heart of Ridgeland, SpaBeca promises to be your oasis from the stressors of everyday living. Tranquil, intimate, and tastefully-appointed, SpaBeca is the first spa in the Jackson-metro area devoted "exclusively" to massage and body therapy services ~ no hair, no gym,
no clamor or distractions ~ just restorative treatments delivered in serene surroundings with the emphasis on you.


At SpaBeca, we offer Massage in an environment geared toward ultimate relaxation. With your choice of  Swedish to Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, &
Hot Stone


We offer Far Infrared Therapies that not only promote a deep relaxation and stress relief but have amazing healing properties. Our Sauna is a private full spectrum Infrared Sauna with medical grade chromotherapy for relaxation, healing, detoxificaton, and calorie buring!! Our Body Wrap acts like a cocoon of  Far Infrared heat, relaxing muscles, and causing you to sweat for a deep detox, and burning calories!! Our Amethyst BioMat uses amethyst to amplify the ablity and benefits of the Far Infrared rays for a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment; this is accompanied with Light and Sound Therapy. We also offer Sonic Whole Body Vibration, which offers numerous benefits.