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SpaBeca Far InFrared Thermo Wraps

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"Massage is more than a luxury.  It is a beautiful way to relax, release tension and soothe away the stress of every day living."

SpaBeca's Menu of Services

Massage Therapy

SpaBeca offers unparalleled treatments to relax the body and mind

SpaBeca's Sonic Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Applications For a Better Life | General Training | Strength Training | Diet and Beauty Clinic | Revitalization

SpaBeca Far InFrared Thermo Wraps

Smoothed away cellulite | Faster metabolism | Body Detoxification | and much more

SpaBeca Far Infrared Jade Capsule with Spinal Massage and Sound Therapy

Far Infrared Rays to warm the body | Spinal Massage to melt away pain and stress | Sound Frequencies to help with a variety of conditions

SpaBeca Far Infrared Amethyst BioMat

Quantum Daily Tune Up | Burn Calories | Strengthen Heart | Decrease Free Radicals | Negative Ions for Positive Effects

Hydro Therapy

Hydro Massage Facials are sure to please anyone of all age groups

Body Therapy

Services that are offered here at SpaBeca help to rejuvenate and renew your body

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